Saturday, August 18, 2007

Texas Executes 400th Person in 2007

Including at least one non-violent offender. Of course, he's black and the not-his-victim was white.

The Case of Kenneth Foster: Texas Prepares to Execute Man for Driving a Car Near Scene of Murder

The number of people killed in the Texas death chamber since the return of the death penalty in 1982 will surpass 400 by the end of the month.

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UPDATE! Texas Spares Life of Kenneth Foster

From Democracy Now! ...

The governor of Texas commuted the death sentence of Kenneth Foster yesterday six hours before Foster's scheduled execution. Governor Rick Perry made the decision after the state's parole board voted six to one in favor of sparing Foster's life. This marked only the third time Perry has commuted a death sentence. Since he took office in 2000 Perry has overseen 162 executions. Anti-death penalty activists hailed the decision as a major victory. Dana Cloud of the Save Kenneth Foster campaign said QUOTE “This case demonstrated to the world just how arbitrary and capricious capital punishment is." Foster had been sentenced to death for a crime the state of Texas admits he did not commit or plan. In a recent interview with CourtTV, Kenneth Foster talked about how he wants to keep helping raise his 11 year-old daughter.

Kenneth Foster:

"So I'm trying to breed another little activist here. I'm trying to breed us another Barbara Lee or Barbara Jordan or Maxine Waters or Sheila Jackson Lee… We need to actually raise our children more to get involved with the system. A lot of people like to point fingers — "This is what's wrong with this." We need to get our family involved with the system, raise our kids to go to school and be politicians and legislators and Senate members and House reps. We have to do that, and that's something that I been putting on her head, and I think I got her."

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