Friday, December 21, 2007


America's Best Vegetarian-Friendly Small Cities

#2 Eugene, Oregon

Eugene residents are soy happy, because they get to live in a thriving, fun city while enjoying numerous vegetarian-friendly restaurants, health-food stores, and farmers' markets.

Eugene is America's vegan-pizza capital, with Cozmic Pizza, Pizza Research Institute, and Sam Bond's Garage leading the way. If you're craving Chinese, get out your chopsticks and dive into the food at the all-vegan Lotus Garden, which features Hunan "beef" as well as vegan spring rolls, pot stickers, and wonton soup. Holy Cow Café, located in the University of Oregon's Erb Memorial Union student center, is always a good bet. Laughing Planet Café was named "Best Veggie-Friendly" hot spot by Eugene Weekly for its healthy-and-tasty burritos, soups, and salads.

Going out to get groceries? Then you're in luck, because Eugene's natural-food stores are as big, bright, modern, and plentiful as the chain supermarkets. The Saturday Market, along with several produce stands in the area, will inspire you to eat only the freshest, tastiest produce. One of Eugene's largest industries is natural-foods manufacturing. Rising Moon, which makes pasta products, Emerald Valley Kitchen, and Golden Temple Granola are all based in Eugene.

For a sweet addition to any visit to Eugene, help yourself to the variety of vegan desserts that abound all around town. Wake up to the vegan pastries at Morning Glory Bakery, or get yourself a slice of the Sweet Life's high-end vegan cakes and pies.



Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wendy Erin Bush

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The memory of your big beautiful laugh makes me ache with happiness.

I miss your pure unfaltering enthusiasm (a unique power I've never known in another humyn being) and those warm smiley hugs that made the world melt into sweetness.

Love you always.

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