Sunday, October 11, 2009

fruits (bark, leaves, roots) of my labor

Columbines School of Botanical Studies
First Year Apprenticeship Field Program
2009 harvest

tinctures, syrup, salve, vinegar, topical astringent, pretty bundles,
dream bundles, smudges, rootlet chews, infused oils, pastilles

Berberis nervosa
Ceanothus velutinus
Hypericum perforatum
Hypericum formosum
Heracleum lanatum
Ligusticum grayi
Arctostaphylos nevadensis
Chimaphila umbellata
Pedicularis groenlandica
Pedicularis racemosa
Valeriana sitchensis
Salix sp.
Achillea millefolium
Anaphalis margaritacea
Artemisia douglasiana
Arnica mollis

Xerophyllum tenax and the snow-capped Sisters

edibles/spices/wild deliciousness

Dodecatheon jeffreyi
Xerophyllum tenax
Achlys triphylla
Oxalis oregana
Mimulus spp.
Montia spp.
Osmorhiza chilensis
Viola spp.
Amelanchier alnifolia
Cornus canadensis
Ribes spp.
Rubus spectabilis
Rubus parviflorus
Vaccinium spp.
Asarum caudatum
Angelica genuflexa
Ligusticum grayi
Berberis nervosa
Acer macrophyllum
many others...
and my favorite - Fragaria vesca!

Warm days are fading fast. The world around me is becoming a deciduous reef of color. I've got spring and summer bottled up for the slow rolling winter months that will rock us gently in stony bare limbs. Will wrap us up tight in pearly white snow.

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