Monday, February 8, 2010



Perched on the windowsill
Breasts pinched and cradled by bent elbows
Skull blossom, palm sepals
I am home from work
and boundless

Slow stretching clouds glide like heavy ships
Over a shadowed city that will soon turn green and furry
A song plays
Its sweet melody reminds me that I should write a letter   
But the sun is sleepy and me too

I nestle into the open frame of infinite blustery azure
Yellow hair flits like flames and golden feathers
Teases baby fluff on spotted skin

Sinking sunlight penetrates my mind and splits
Big blue fills me
Vibrating and buoyant
Walls and glass melt beneath
My body suspended in dewy sky

Moist and glowy
Ships break apart
Gently fading in the slow burning hour
Fine gossamer rafts somehow hold my weight

Crystals cling to softness
Push through pauses
Expand space
Hexagons and emptiness
Inside me

The little potted saxifrage
Wind battered and bowed
Kisses my arm
Tiny red lips
Wide-eyed and teetering

Out of the blue
I am in my apartment
Reeling my hooked spine in from the ledge
Flowers in hand

Dream drunk
and humming

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