Saturday, April 21, 2007


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Inspired by Laurie's whole food cleansing fast, I finally decided to unpack my food processor and explore RAWvolution. The book was a gift from Tyler's sister and I have read it 100 times, but being a terrific procrastinator, I had not yet tried a single recipe. So, last weekend I filled my grocery cart with the RAW essentials: walnuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, nama shoyu, agave, lemons, coconuts, veggies, fruit, raisins, garlic, raw tahini, and herbs.

The first recipe I made was the Harvest Corn Chowder, a creamy puree of fresh corn cut from the cob, walnuts, pine nuts, garlic, nama shoyu, coconut water, and lemon juice. I also added a touch of chili pepper for heat. Then I made tacos on collard green leaf tortillas with sunflower seed cheese, spicy ground walnut meat, and guacamole. These were BEYOND delicious. I also whipped up Pasta Marinara with Zucchini noodles, macadamia cream Eggless Egg Salad, and No Bean Hummus made with pureed zucchini instead of chickpeas. Everything was incredible!

I’m excited to make a few desserts this weekend….between paper writing (my very last undergrad paper ever!) and sleeping.


Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

Damn, you are an inspiration. I have bought so many raw food cookbooks over the years and let them sit pretty on my kitchen counter, collecting dust, until I finally sold them to a used bookstore a few weeks ago (an act I instantly regretted during my week of "I hate the internet and want to surround myself with paper cookbooks"). Raw food preparation always seems so intimidating to me although I have LOVED everything I've ever eaten in a raw foods restaurant (I've been to one in Minneapolis and I think two in San Francisco and had some great raw food at that new place in Tampa which I LOVE by the way).

emc said...

You should buy this book and make every recipe. (Well, maybe not EVERY recipe, since some call for a dehydrator). They were surprisingly simple to prepare and so good.

(Oh, and we should make a Grassroot date this summer.)

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

for SURE. I love that place and intend to go there as often as my wallet will allow.

Nili said...
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